A thoroughly modern Land Girl

Posted: 2nd Apr 2019

Nature Studio is recruiting Land Girls.  Digging not for war, but for good health.  Land Girls are welcome to the practice in Finsbury Park/Crouch End in a pioneering one-to-one horticultural therapy course running up to 25 weeks, for a weekly 60 or 75 minute session, on Wednesday afternoons from April to November.  Rebecca will walk you through how to grow a range of organic fruit, herbs and vegetables whilst drawing on mindfulness and focusing methods to address common mental health conditions.

The work supports a gentle recovery from stress, anxiety and depression, feeling isolated or out-of-sorts, but can also be part of a package of care for other mental health conditions.  It follows the emerging best practice for the most effective nature dose for mental health, creating a connection with the land and nature as well as within the self.  Sessions include mindfulness practices in the garden, a range of gardening tasks, and time guided in focusing within yourself. No previous experience is necessary. £100/75 mins or £85/60 mins.

I offer a free 10 minute consultation on the phone to explore how this work may support your health and how we may work together.  Pop a message on the contact form and book your consultation.