Back to school

Posted: 11th Sep 2014

garden shots-3236

It may feel like the Summer heat is a fond memory, but the garden keeps on producing a harvest deep into the coldest months. Children relish the continuing excitement of sowing seeds even in the Autumn term. Starting salad leaves, broad beans, garlic, onions, alliums, daffodils, tulips, sweet peas and strawberries are staples of the season of mellow fruitfulness. Japanese greens such as Mizuna and Mibuna are an especially great teaching aid: easy to grow, harvestable in the depths of Winter, new to most young palettes, ideal to stir-fry in a cooking lesson and a vivid way into Asian geography. Popping out to the garden to start a class with an own-grown vegetable is one of the yummiest feel-good factors everyone can enjoy.