Book writing in progress

Posted: 14th Jan 2020

After 17 years and well over 10,000 sessional places delivered in horticultural therapy, and Winter being a time of taking stock, I am delving into my clinical notes, sifting through the research and raiding my library to write a book.  Though sticking my neck out to announce it, somehow though, it commits me to paper.   It comes as no surprise as I am mid-way through my working life:  I hope that the experience gathered so far can be of help to others, and I can synthesize a deeper wisdom from my work.

Much is written about practise guidelines, the therapy’s benefits and theorising of how it works, but little on what underpins it – its bone structure. My contribution would be to cast a light to clarify the underlying generalisable themes that structure the discipline across a broad church.  This could be used to hold in mind when developing and running projects and sessions, and as an introduction to a lay audience.