Busyness and the garden

Posted: 22nd Sep 2015

sedum sept 2015


‘Its time to garden when there’s not enough time for anything.’

The contemporary ill of busyness leaves little space for what is essential. It becomes increasingly challenging to sustain values such as curiosity and creativity, and by consequence, a fulfilling life. When there’s no time to garden, and the thought creates a sense of overwhelm, it is exactly when you would be best advised to pick up a tool.

Gardening prises open a mental spaciousness to reconnect with what is important for you. The steady repetition of digging, or dividing, or sowing whilst inhaling earthiness and drinking in greenery evaporates stress and restores capacity. The mind can then sort the wheat from the chaff, and find solutions where none existed. So when busyness next gets the better of you, pay attention to the quiet voice in the din of internal chatter, and get in the garden.