Chop ‘n’ sniff

Posted: 9th Sep 2015

herbs sept 2015


To mindfully consume the scents of herbs is a perfumer’s art. Step into those shoes by dabbing some herbal essential oils onto a cloth and inhale immediately, then a few minutes later once the first hit of top notes evaporate, when the deeper pungent base notes reveal themselves. This is an unmistakeable mindful moment.

For a gardener, it may be more subtle, but as evocative working with herbs. There is an mindboggling sweetshop choice of varieties to enjoy. Try chocolate mint for an After Eight hit. Or lemonbalm for a popping zingyness. Then, when chopping them back this Autumn to make way for the encroaching cold, inhale deeply – but don’t hyperventilate – tempting though it is to greedily take them in. This chop ‘n’ sniff has to be one of the most immediate mindful gardening pleasures.


Photo credit: University of Illinois Extension, 2015