Posted: 1st Oct 2014

post oct 2014 autumn trees

Sound is an often underrated sense in the garden. Yet bird song, rustling leaves, pitched voices, a strimmer, and in more rural parts, a moaning wind all contribute to a soundscape that firmly roots oneself outside. Next time you head out the door, pause. Take a moment to close your eyes and tune into the distinctive sounds you hear. Listen for different song. Hear the curled leaves rustling as they dry on the stem. Some attuned blind gardeners say they can identify tree species by the unique timbre of leaf rustling in Autumn. Notice over the coming month how the tone of leaf-rustle changes as leaves dry further. Test if it becomes crisper, sharper and more hollow. When you venture into the softening garden, approach sound likewise in your busy-ness. This is the art of mindful awareness which can tip a casual hoe of eager weeds into a fuller, dense sensory impression.