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The studio is led by Rebecca Smith, who collaborates with researchers, advisors and suppliers.  Nature Studio innovates by blending a range of emerging evidence-based wellbeing skills to deliver nature-based interventions (NBIs) online, at your organisation and at host gardens. Courses are delivered under the umbrella of membership of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture, as a social & therapeutic horticulture trainer (PDip STH Coventry), Chartered Management Institute-recognised workplace mindfulness trainer (Cert Workplace Mindfulness MT), landscape designer (PDip Garden Design LCGD) and service designer (PDip Innovations in Sustainability UCD).  Commercial trainings delivered to workplaces supports further reduced-cost work for public bodies and charities.

We offer online, and in-person off-the-peg and bespoke well-being courses at yours, and additional accompanying evaluation programmes for your well-being objectives, CSR and sustainability outputs or KPIs.  Nature Studio takes a tailored approach to each project, creating a package that supports your unique requirements. We are mindful of the environment we work in, and respect it by using sustainable working methods and crafts.  We adhere to the Chartered Institute of Horticulture’s code of conduct, and our in-house sustainability, equality, well-being and health and safety policies.  Once we have understood your requirements, we will provide a quote for the work calculated on a rate set according to whether you are a workplace, public body or small-medium-sized charity.