Wellcome the blast of exploration

Posted: 22nd Aug 2016

brecoknock 5

As the ‘‘Taking a turn’: mental health history of hospital gardens’ project is coming to a close, we collaborators take stock.  From the Chelsea Fringe festival to 2000 school children from 22 schools, the project has given life to discussion, reflection and creative output across nearly 20 months of activity.

Personal highlights have included the Fringe salons discussing how inter-hospital cricket tournaments in their gardens flourished in the C20th; seeing a child’s mind explode with an explosive ‘WOW!’ at the physiology of a garden blueberry; engineering Gardeners’ World to visit our collaborator Bethlem Occupational Therapy Garden for a piece on hospital gardening therapy; and the serendipity of being able to site the installation as a site-specific work on the original grounds of Bethlem hospital in Broadgate Estate, Liverpool St, London.  It has been thrilling, daunting, fascinating, deeply creative and a blast.  Thank you Wellcome Trust for making it possible, from all of us.