Winter thought-soup

Posted: 10th Jan 2017

The ground has just thawed but Michael Fish says a cold front is coming, bringing talcum-powder snow. Yesterday, the robin looped around the practice cat, the cat around the fox cub in the practice garden. Soon the shorn green roof will be covered in a snow duvet, and man and beast will seek warmth.

It is a time of year to extend out from the dark days. Snowdrops are bursting upwards, blackbirds are piping with renewed vigour. Meanwhile, I am chewing the cud with colleagues, advisors and advocates and hatching plans for the future of this practice. It is seemly to do it now, downy jacket donned, whilst seeking the signs of an early Spring in hope and anticipation. I bring to the thought-soup from which the plans will hatch a glug of care, a ladle of mindfulness, a sprinkle of creativity and a good dash of scientific evidence. And someday soon, for sure, you will dine well.

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