Women’s one-to-one

The Land Girls

A ground-breaking one-to-one women’s mental health clinic offers a bespoke horticultural therapy course throughout Summer Time (April to November) at Nature Studio.  Rebecca will walk you through growing organic fruit, flowers and herbs in a safe, therapeutic, confidential space to ignite a profound connection to nature and within yourself. It addresses a range of mental health issues including chronic stress, anxiety and depression. 

Find out more about how horticultural therapy supports mental health.

Course sessions are 75 minutes, running weekly for up to 25 weeks.  This follows the recommended nature dose to maximise recovery from chronic stress, anxiety and depression. An introductory course of five sessions enables you to gain a sense of how it works, and help you decide whether you continue for the remainder of Summer.  The course fee is calculated at E100/75 minutes, payable in up to three instalments across Summer.

Full details are available on request.