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Contemporary life is fast-paced, rapidly evolving and stimulating. More prevalent than ever before, the pressures of work and demands at home are causing chronic stress, anxiety, discontent, isolation and burn-out, which has developed into a mental health crisis. Our ageing society is also dealing with a dementia epidemic, the causes of which cannot yet be treated.

The good news is there are sound approaches to addressing the stressors.  Nature Studio is one of the vanguard using nature as a resource for promoting good mental health and well-being.  We deliver a reliable skill set to practice mindfulness using nature, practice horticultural therapy and make designed landscapes that offer a sense of wellbeing.  Drawing on the scientific evidence base that has gathered momentum since around the turn of the century, Rebecca collaborates with a diverse range of specialists providing support for women as one-to-one sessions, for mental health settings, and for older people.

The thread of this work is to offer a set of enduring psychological and physical resources you can use to sustain yourself, using nature, horticulture and mindfulness.  It will reconfigure your relationship with the pressures placed on you, giving spaciousness around stress, enabling better choices, increasing resilience, improving creativity and emotional intelligence, and supporting better overall mental well-being.